zel-002s & zel-002 (CD)

“How To Live With A Phantom” / Shintaro Sakamoto

  1. In A Phantom Mood (Album Version)
  2. You Just Decided
  3. My Memories Fade
  4. Mask On Mask
  5. A Stick And Slacks
  6. A Gleam Of Hope
  7. Dancing With Pain
  8. Something’s Different (Album Version)
  9. How To Live With A Phantom
  10. Small But Enough

with BONUS CD (First Edition Only) – Instrumental Version CD of This Album

iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/album/id483508549

2012.2.3 | zelone records

zel-001 (7inch vinyl)

“In a Phantom Mood” / “Something Different”
7inch vinyl

side A: In a Phantom Mood
side B: Something Different

2011.8.17 | zelone records