Magazine, Web, Radio (March 5 2021 update)


・「坂本慎太郎のFLAG RADIO 2020」@FM京都(α-Station)(奇数月毎週水曜21:00~22:00)


-Web Magazine-

web magazine “CINRA”にて、坂本慎太郎のインタビューが掲載されているそうです。

web Magazine “TOKION”にて、坂本慎太郎のインタビューが掲載されているそうです。

・GINZA Magazine webにて坂本慎太郎が選曲する「東京」をテーマにしたプレイリスト

_MUSIC AROUND THE TOKYO vol.5 が掲載されています。

・web magazine「ele-king」にて新作「formula」をリリースした石原洋のインタビューが掲載されているそうです。

- 雑誌 -



Music Magazine (2020年12月号) に、坂本慎太郎のインタビューが掲載されているそうです。


・2月20日発売の雑誌「MUSIC MAGAZINE」にて新作「formula」をリリースした石原洋のインタビューが掲載されているそうです。


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Magazine, Web, Radio (23th Dec. 2019 update)


・「SHINTARO SAKAMOTO FLAG RADIO 2019」@FMKYOTO(α-Station)(every Odd month Wednesday 21:00~22:00)

- Web -

・Record Shop Jet Set「2019 Best Disc selected by Shintaro Sakamoto」

・The Vinyl Factory’s favorite 7″s and 10″s@The Vinyl Factory

・Interview@Japan Times


・NY Live review @Washington Square News


-  Magazine -

・Talk with Masaki Mori (EGO-WRAPPIN) Vol.2 @Ketoru (vol.51)

・Talk with Masaki Mori (EGO-WRAPPIN)@Ketoru (vol.50)

・Talk with Cornelius @ POPEYE (no.871)

・Interview @ eel-king

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Magazine, Web, Radio etc. (31th December 2018 update)


・Best of 2018 by Shintaro sakamoto@Web Magazine “Mastered

・Live Report @ Billboard Japan web

・Talk with members of “cero”@ Music Natalie.

・Live Report @ Natalie (@LIQUIDROOM 29 January 2018)

・Live Report @ Asahi Newspaper (@LIQUIDROOM 17 January 2018)

・Live Report @ web ele-king (@LIQUIDROOM 17 January 2018)

・Interview @ web CDJournal

・Best of 2017 by Shintaro sakamoto@Web Magazine “Mastered

ーMgazine etc.ー

・New! 10 song selection @ GUITAR MAGAZINE (2018 June Issue)

・Column by Shintaro Sakamoto@DISK UNION Free Paper

・Interview@Ongakutohiito (2018 February issue)

・Interview@SO-EN (January & February 2018) (27th December)

・Report of WEEK-END Fest 2017 by Ryohei Matsunaga @ “MUSIC MAGAZINE“(January 2018)

・Talk about TOGA@EYESCREAM (January&February 2018) (1st December)

・Interview@POPEYE Magazine (No.847) (10th October)

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Magazine, Web, Radio etc. (~2017/09/30)


New! WEEK-END FES. MIXTAPE #9 selected by Shintaro Sakamoto

・Songs selected for “Saturday morning & Sunday night” by Sintaro Sakamoto @ & .

・Talk about the movie “Bangkok Nites” @Web Magazine “Mikiki

・It seems that “Under The Radar” has picked “Love If Possible” on album review. (Februry 14 2017).

・It seems that “SpectrumCulture” has picked “Love If Possible” on album review. (Februry 9 2017).

・It seems that “FLOOD” has picked “Love If Possible” on album review. (January 25 2017).

・Interview @ “Brown Noise Unit“ (January 20 2017).

・It seems that “PITCHFORK” has picked “Love If Possible” on album review. (January 18 2017).

・It seems that “SPIN” has picked “Love If Possible” on album review. (January 18 2017).


・web magazine “EYESCREAM” 2016 best disc selected by Shintaro Sakamoto.

・Shintaro Sakamoto×VIDEOTAPEMUSIC @ CDJournal Web

ーMagazine etc.ー

New! Interview@BRUTUS MOOK “We Love “Kissaten”"

・Interview@”Subcamiture vol.2

・ Interview@POPEYE MOOK “Talking about Books and Movie”

・Talk with Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada)@ele-king special issue


・Memorial Message for『追悼水木しげる ゲゲゲの人生展』(2017/3/8~3/20@Tokyo・MATSUYA Ginza) 。

・Interview @ ele-king vol.19

・Cross Talk about Peace Music @ Studio Voice ・Intervew @ i-D Japan (No.2 issue) (i-D Japan web)

・Sakamoto’s Caption @ GINZA (Issue 233)

・Inteview @Pia MUSIC COMPLEX Vol.6

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Magazine, Web, Radio etc.(~ 2016.09.10 )

-web magazine-

・Interview @ web “Real Sound

・Interview @ web magazine “OTOTOY

・Review by Yasuko Furuta (TOGA) @ LIQUIDROOM HP

・Interview @ web “EYESCREAM

eke-king reviewthe sign magazine review,  Mikiki review Tap the Pop review,

-No Music, No Life ?-

Tower Records Campaign Poster “No Music, No Life ?” (July 2016)


Shintaro Sakamoto’s “FLAG RADIO”@FM Kyoto (Even month Wednesday 21:00~22:00)

・” Disco Is” @Inter FM “Hot Picks” (7/18~7/31)

・Shintaro Sakamoto “Love If Possible” on air@Flag Radio 29 June (FM Kyoto)


・”Shintaro Sakamoto’s Music Video Special (25:00~25:30) “ (1st August @ Space Shower TV)

・”Musician Select ~selected by Shintaro Sakamoto (25:30~26:00) “ (1st August @ Space Shower TV)


・Talk with Shigeru Mizuki @ Bessatsu Kwai

・Interview @ Bessatsu Bungei “PRINCE BOOK

・Interview @ “Bessatu Supesya vol.14” (SSTV)

・Interview @ BARFOUT (September Issue)

・Interview @ Guitar Magazine (September Issue)

・Interview @ “Sound Designer (September Issue)”

・Interview @ “Otona no Osyaretetyou (September Issue) ”

・Interview @ “Ongaku To Hito (September Issue)

・Talk with Kosuke Kawamura @ “BRUTUS (no.829)

・Interview @ “So-En” (September Issue)

・Interview @ “TV Bros

・Interview @ Sound & Recording Magazine (September Issue)

・Interview @ ”MUSIC MAGAZINE” (August Issue)

・Interview @ ”CDJournal” (August Issue)

・Interview”& Premium” (September Issue)

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