Magazine, Web, Radio etc.(~ 2016.09.10 )

-web magazine-

・Interview @ web “Real Sound

・Interview @ web magazine “OTOTOY

・Review by Yasuko Furuta (TOGA) @ LIQUIDROOM HP

・Interview @ web “EYESCREAM

eke-king reviewthe sign magazine review,  Mikiki review Tap the Pop review,

-No Music, No Life ?-

Tower Records Campaign Poster “No Music, No Life ?” (July 2016)


Shintaro Sakamoto’s “FLAG RADIO”@FM Kyoto (Even month Wednesday 21:00~22:00)

・” Disco Is” @Inter FM “Hot Picks” (7/18~7/31)

・Shintaro Sakamoto “Love If Possible” on air@Flag Radio 29 June (FM Kyoto)


・”Shintaro Sakamoto’s Music Video Special (25:00~25:30) “ (1st August @ Space Shower TV)

・”Musician Select ~selected by Shintaro Sakamoto (25:30~26:00) “ (1st August @ Space Shower TV)


・Talk with Shigeru Mizuki @ Bessatsu Kwai

・Interview @ Bessatsu Bungei “PRINCE BOOK

・Interview @ “Bessatu Supesya vol.14” (SSTV)

・Interview @ BARFOUT (September Issue)

・Interview @ Guitar Magazine (September Issue)

・Interview @ “Sound Designer (September Issue)”

・Interview @ “Otona no Osyaretetyou (September Issue) ”

・Interview @ “Ongaku To Hito (September Issue)

・Talk with Kosuke Kawamura @ “BRUTUS (no.829)

・Interview @ “So-En” (September Issue)

・Interview @ “TV Bros

・Interview @ Sound & Recording Magazine (September Issue)

・Interview @ ”MUSIC MAGAZINE” (August Issue)

・Interview @ ”CDJournal” (August Issue)

・Interview”& Premium” (September Issue)

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Magazine, Web, Radio etc. (〜2016.03.23 )


・On ANIMATIONWorld: Caleb Wood Shares the Joy of GEORAMA 2016

・web magazine “EYESCREAM” 2015 best disc selected by Shintaro Sakamoto.

・2015 Best Disc selected by Shintaro Sakamoto on Recordshop JET SET


・Intervew@I HEART Magazine (#24 Tokyo issue)

・Talk with Shohei Takagi @ POPEYE (No.828)

・Talk with VIDEOTAPEMUSIC@CDJournal (January 2016 issue)

・Talk with Satoshi Suzuki @ STUDIO VOICE (November 2015, vol 407)

・Talk with Keigo Kankuro Kudo @ CREA (November issue 2015)

・It seems that Shintaro Sakamoto contributed to BRUTUS Magazine (No.805) for “Summer Music Issue” in print on 15 July.

・Talk with Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius) @ Music Magazine (July 2015)

・Talk and Interview with Yasuyuki Okamura (Anokoto Chikokuto Benkyoto)

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Interview etc. (2014~2015.03.18)

Rolling Stone (ローリング・ストーン)日本版 2014年 12月号 Cd Journal (ジャーナル)2014年 12月号 Mdn (エムディエヌ)2015年 1月号 Ele-king Vol.15Music Magazine (ミュージックマガジン)2015年 1月号

- Web and Magazine in US/UK/EU/JP -

Magazine “Guitar Magazine” (13 March 2015)

web magazine “UtanoShikumi: Season 2“@MODERN FART

・Magazine 「Colony 2139 Journal」(13 Feburury 2015)


・Talk with Yoshie Nakano @ Natalie (14th January 2015)

・Talk with Yasuyuki Okamura @ TV Bros.” ( Magazine / 1/5, 1/21, 2/4, 2/18, 3/4 issue)

EYESCREAM.JP best-disc 2014“(web)

MUSIC MAGAZINE (January 2015)

Long Interview and Cover (eke-king magazine (vol.15) 2014 17th December: Japan)

Interview and Cover Illustration (MdN magazine vol.249 2014 December: Japan)

・It seems that Shintaro Sakamoto contributed to ARTFORUM Magazine “Best of 2014: Music” (December issue) in print.

Red Bull Music Academy: Talk about Peace Music Studio with Soichiro Nakamura, You Ishihara & Shintaro Sakamoto

・Check the super colorful animated video for Shintaro Sakamoto’s ‘You Can Be A Robot’ @THE405 (Novembwe 10th 2014)

・UK video premiere for Shintaro Sakamoto’s “You Can Be a Robot, Too” on Clash Music (Novembwe 10th 2014)

Sakamoto’ new video US premiere on NPR music “You Can Be a Robot Too” feat Kamome Jido Gassyodan. (November 7th 2014)

・It seems that Sakamoto and New Jersey indie legends Yo La Tengo share their mutual love

_by picking favourite songs by each other@Clash Magazine

・It seems that “Let’s Dance Raw,” the follow-up to his cult-classic 2011 solo debut,

_can be listened to in its entirety on ”T – The Style Magazine of NY Times” (September 16 2014).

・It seems that “Pitchfork” has picked “Let’s Dance Raw” on album review. (September 15 2014).

・It seems that “NME” has picked “Let’s Dance Raw” on album review. (issue: September 13 2014).

It seems that Sakamoto’s ‘Let’s Dance Raw’ is here to funk your whole day up@noisey music by vice mag (9 September)

・It seems that “The Guardian” picks Shintaro Sakamoto as their Artist of the Week (22 August)

【News】THE LINE OF BEST FIT (UK), The405 (UK), Warp (Mexico), FADER, COOL HUNTING, noisey/vice, The Quietus (UK),,


【Web Review】ele-king webLIQUIDROOMthe sign magazineMikikiWhat’s Inn web,

・Interview at ”Time Out Tokyo


60' sガレージ・ディスク・ガイド 音楽マンガを聴き尽くせ! オールタイム音楽コミック大全松永良平 Indies Issue Vol.69 Eyescream 2014年 6月号 音楽と人 2014年 6月号 Sound & Recording Magazine (サウンド アンド レコーディング マガジン)2014年 6月号 Music Magazine (ミュージックマガジン)2014年 6月号 Barfout! Vol.225 岡田将生Cd Journal (ジャーナル)2014年 6月号 Tv Bros.(テレビブロス)関東版 2014年 5月 24日号 Warp Magazine Japan (ワープ マガジン ジャパン)2014年 7月号 装苑 2014年 7月号 Brutus (ブルータス)2014年 6月 15日号 Sound Designer (サウンドデザイナー)2014年 7月号 Rolling Stone (ローリング・ストーン)日本版 2014年 7月号 Guitar Magazine (ギター・マガジン)2014年 7月号 Switch 32-7 vol110

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Sakamoto’s 2013 best 3 records @ EYESCREAM.JP

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7inch “Don’t Know What’s Normal” reviews in US (2013)

■Ad Hoc (5/31):

■WAX POETICS (6/18):

■dubleb (7/16):

■LINE OUT (7/16):

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