Mail Interview@CROSSBEAT (Issue August, 2012)

CROSSBEAT 2012年08月号


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Interview@HUGE (ISSUE No.93 July 2012)
HUgE(ヒュージ) 2012年7月号
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It seems DUMP “NYC TONIGHT (Shintaro Sakamoto Version)” will be on air in the full version!!!

Tomorrow, May 15 (tue) @Radio Kansai (JOCR) “Pinch Hitter of the Night” (17:55-20:40).
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It seems Shintaro Sakamoto will appear on FM after a long time.

Today. March 15 (thu) @FM 802 “NIGHT RAMBLER” (25:00-28:00).
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Sakamoto talk with Kankuro Kudo@natalie

Quick Japan 100th issue Anniversary @ Natalie
[Power Push] 宮藤官九郎・坂本慎太郎対談 (クイックジャパン100号記念企画)
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