It Seems Sakamoto’s  self made Music Video “You Just Decided” is nominated by “SPACE SHOWER MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS”.

Please check this HP.

2012.2.1 | zelone records

2 vinyl release announcements & the release of Mama Guitar’s album jacket!

It seems Mama Guitar’s new album “MAMAGUITAR SINGS MAMAGUITAR” and Sakamoto Shintaro’s long-awaited “How to Live With a Phantom” (on double LP with instrumental versions of each song) are being released on vinyl!
And now we can share the artwork for Mama Guitar’s new album!
It appears that both will be available at record shops nationwide sometime in late February to mid-March.
Information: Jet Set Tokyo: TEL:+81-3-5452-2262
zel-005 / ¥2,100(tax included) LP – 3/02 (fri) on sale !
zel-004 / ¥1,890(tax included) CD – 2/24 (fri) on sale

Shintaro Sakamoto – How To Live With A Phantom
zel-003 / ¥2,800(tax included) 2LP  - march 30 (fri), 2012 on sale !

2012.1.6 | zelone records

Mama Guitar’s 3rd album – arriving nearly ten years since their last album – is being released by zelone records!

Formed in the late 90s,  girls’ band Mama Guitar took the world by storm with their perfect early 60s sensibilities and cute chorus work. With overseas releases and tours in countries such as Korea, Germany and more, the group earned fans not only in Japan, but all around the world. After playing their last concert in 2006, the group receded from the scene and was quiet for some time. But after nearly a year of recording, they have completed their 3rd album – “MAMA GUITAR SINGS MAMA GUITAR” – their first album in nearly ten years!
And it seems the album features guest musician Shintaro Sakamoto!
For 13 songs, 34 minutes and 30 seconds, please enjoy the new world of MAMA GUITAR.It seems it will be available in store Friday, February 24th!!!

2012/02/24 (Fri) on sale!

    1. Everytime I See Him (music&lyrics : Jun) 3:09
    2. I’m Telling You (music&lyrics : Jun) 2:38
    3. Eat You Up / Bunny (music&lyrics : Jun) 2:27
    4. Wonderful Than Yesterday (music : Jun / lyrics : Yoko) 2:35
    5. Funny Doll (music&lyrics : Jun) 2:41
    6. The Wedding Songs (music&lyrics : Jun) 3:00
    7. Good Night (music&lyrics : Jun) 2:27
    8. The Second Show (music&lyrics : Jun) 2:07
    9. My Little Boy (music : Jun / lyrics : Yoko) 1:31
    10. I Don’t Really Want To Know (music&lyrics : Jun) 2:42
    11. Rainy Sunday (music&lyrics : Jun) 2:16
    12. Youth And Rhythm (music&lyrics : Jun) 3:23
    13. Christmas Fair (music&lyrics : Jun) 3:27
    • zel-004: ¥1890(tax included)
    • zelone records : +81-3-6320-4396
    • distribution : Bridge Inc. : +81-3-3710-8049
    • Produced by Mamaguitar
    • Mamaguitar : Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard & Percussions : Jun
    • Vocals, Drum & Chorus : Yoko
    • Guest Bassist : Shintaro Sakamoto
    • Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Soichiro Nakamura@Peace Music, Tokyo Japan
    • Artwork : Runaway (The Midnights)
  • Special Thanks to : Chaso, Aniki, Horo, Reiko, Yoshiko, Hideki, Shimosan, Maria Keefe and arasanmaru

2011.12.20 | zelone records

Downloads of 1st solo album “How To Live With Phantom” will be available from iTunes Store & re-press of 7inch is ready!

1st solo album “How To Live With Phantom” will be available for downloads from iTunes Music Store
(JP, US, EU/UK, AU/NZ), December 14 (wed) 00:00.
And it semms re-press of 7-inch vinyl “In A Phantom Mood” is ready.
It seems this 7-inch will be available all over the country via  Jet Set Distribution in December 21

2011.12.13 | zelone records

“You Just Decided” (Music Video)

It seems Music Video “You Just Decided” taken from Sakamoto’s 1st solo album is completed.
It semms this video is made by himself

2011.11.16 | zelone records