Downloads of 1st solo album “How To Live With Phantom” will be available from iTunes Store & re-press of 7inch is ready!

1st solo album “How To Live With Phantom” will be available for downloads from iTunes Music Store
(JP, US, EU/UK, AU/NZ), December 14 (wed) 00:00.
And it semms re-press of 7-inch vinyl “In A Phantom Mood” is ready.
It seems this 7-inch will be available all over the country via  Jet Set Distribution in December 21

2011.12.13 | zelone records

“You Just Decided” (Music Video)

It seems Music Video “You Just Decided” taken from Sakamoto’s 1st solo album is completed.
It semms this video is made by himself

2011.11.16 | zelone records

Magazine / Web

  • Interview (ele-king vol.3 dommune book-0004)
  • Talk with Hiroyuki Ohashi  (City Lights)
  • Interview (Big Comic Superior)
  • Interview (OngakutoHito)
  • “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE?” Campaign Poster (TOWER RECORDS)
  • Interview (MUSICA)
  • Interview (MUSIC MAGAZINE)
  • Interview (CDJournal)
  • Interview (bounce)
  • Interview (Mainichi-Newspaper)
  • Interview (rockin’ on)
  • Interview (Asahi-Newspaper)
  • Interview (MARQUEE vol.88)
  • Interview (Guitar Magazine)
  • Interview (Sound & recording Magazine )
  • Interview (ele-king vol.4 dommune book-0007)
  • Interview (TV Bros)
  • Interview (FRaU)
  • Interview (indies issue)
ele-king Vol.3 シンセ・ポップシティライツ 1 モーニングkcビッグコミックスペリオール音楽と人 2011年12月号坂本慎太郎 - NO MUSIC NO LIFE. - TOWER RECORDS ONLINEMUSICA 2011年12月号Music Magazine 2011年12月号CDジャーナル 2011年12月号136 Shintaro Sakamoto NO MUSIC, NO LIFE. T-shirt (グリーン電力証書付) XSサイズ rockin'on 2012年01月号 MARQUEE Vol.88 Guitar Magazine (ギター・マガジン)2012年 01月号 Sound  &  Recording Magazine (サウンド アンド レコーディング マガジン)2012年 01月号 Music Magazine 2012年 1月号 Ele-king Vol.4 Dommune Books TV Bros.関東版 2012年1月21日号 【特典:『劇場版 ベルセルク』ブロマイド付き】 2012年2月号 Indies Issue Vol.60 (2012winter))


2011.10.2 | zelone records

Announcement regarding “In A Phantom Mood” download and donation

1,971 people downloaded the digital version of the “In A Phantom Mood” single.
After paypal fees, zelone records’ net profit was 235, 883 yen.
We have donated all of these proceeds to the Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Prevention Department.
A warm thanks to all who downloaded the song.

2011.9.29 | zelone records

Thanks to everyone who downloaded this song!!!

It seems “In a Phantom Mood” will be closed for download from this web site September 25 (Sunday).
Thanks to everyone who downloaded this song!!!

2011.9.24 | zelone records