Downloads of MAMAGUITAR’s 3rd album “MAMAGUITAR SINGS MAMAGUITAR” will be available from iTunes store!

MAMAGUITAR’s 3rd album “MAMAGUITAR SINGS MAMAGUITAR” will be available for downloads
from iTunes Music Store (JP, US, EU/UK), April 25 (wed) 00:00
2012.4.25 | zelone records

Umeda Club Quattro Reborn!

It seems Shintaro Sakamoto  have painted a smoking booth of Umeda Club Quattro to open April 13, 2012
2012.4.2 | zelone records

“Anosoranoao” movie

“Anosoranoao” movie of the public in Shibuya Euro Space  from Saturday, March 31,
Mr. Masaya Nakahara will be in charge of music,
it seems ”My Memories Fade” of Shintaro Sakamoto has been used as the ending song.
2012.3.28 | zelone records

NY record shop Other Music To launch label.

The NYC record shop Other Music will launch it’s own imprint with the Oxford, Mississippi label Fat Possum.
The Inprint will be called the Other Music Recoring Co.
It seems Other releases planned for spring include the debut solo record “How To Live With A Phantom”.
2012.3.13 | zelone records

”Eat You Up / Bunny / MAMAGUITAR” (Music Video)

It seems Music Video “Eat You Up / Bunny”, taken from MAMAGUITAR 3rd album – arriving nearly ten years since their last album- is completed.
It seems this time the video is directed by Sakamoto own self, too.

2012.2.7 | zelone records