Sakamoto wrote the lyrics for the new smartphone cm song from Salyu ×Salyu.

“Can I Call You?”, the new INFOBAR song from Salyu×Salyu,

features lyrics written by Shintaro Sakamoto and music by Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius).

Downloads are available now.


2011.8.10 | zelone records

Downloads are now available!

Please click the DOWNLOAD link for more details.

2011.7.22 | zelone records

Downloads of new song “In A Phantom Mood” will be available soon.

Sakamoto’s first single as a solo artist, “In a Phantom Mood,” will be available for download from this web site this week, July 22 (Friday).

Check back soon.

2011.7.19 | zelone records

Sakamoto launched his record label, “zelone records.”

It seems Sakamoto started “zelone records” to release his own music.
At the moment, Sakamoto also seems to be still recording his first solo album.
We will share new information here when it arrives, so please check back from time to time.

2011.7.1 | zelone records