Eddie Marcon presents “Gyafun”

Eddie Marcon presents “ぎゃふん!”
日時: 2020年4月29日(祝/水)
会場: 姫路文化センター大ホール
時間: 開場: 16:00 / 開演: 17:00
料金: 前売り: 4,500円 / 当日: 5,000円 (全席指定・税込)
出演: 坂本慎太郎、燻裕理(ヒロシna)、ゑでぃまぁこん
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[一般チケット] ※1月24日(金)より受付開始
2019.12.21 | zelone records

You Ishihara (ex White Heaven, The Stars) has finally completed his solo album “Formula”.

After disbanding of legendary psychedelic rock bands “white Heaven” and “The Stars”, and in recent years, active as “You Ishihara with Friends”,

You Ishihara has finally completed his solo album “Formula”.

For Ishihara, who is known as the sound producer for “Yura Yura Teikoku” and “Ogre You Asshole”, this will be his first solo release in 23 years.

It will be released by zelone records on 12 February 2020 on CD and LP in a special packaging.

↓zel-021 (LP) art work

↓zel-022 (CD) art work

12 February 2020 On Sale from zelone records!
formula  / you ishihara
M-1 / Side A: formula
M-2 / Side B: formula reverse
All songs written, concrete conducted and produced by You Ishihara
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Soichiro Nakamura at Peace Music, Tokyo 2019
you ishihara: vocal, guitar, synthesizer, keyboard, effects
michio kurihara: guitar
tomohiro kitada: bass
tatsuhisa yamamoto: drums
soichiro nakamura: keyborad
●Cat No.:  zel-021
●Format: LP (clear vinyl/laser etching、clear plastic art work in a special packaging)
●Price: ¥3,000+tax   distributed by JET SET in Japan
●Cat No.: zel-022
●Format: CD (paper art work +clear plastic art work in a special packaging)
●価格: ¥2,300+tax   distributed by Bridge Inc.in Japan
You Ishihara
2019.12.12 | zelone records

“Ongaku” teaser

2019.11.29 | zelone records

My Heisei Pants, Socks, Shoes and Songbook


2019.11.29 | zelone records

Tour T Shirts

2019.11.13 | zelone records