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2015.11.16 | zelone records

Naoyuki Ukawa curation! GEORAMA2016 presents “Channeling with Mr. Bickford”.  

It seems that Shintaro Sakamoto will participate in “Channeling with Mr. Bickford” (to which performers express the performance inspired by his past work or an unreleased work), curated by Naoyuki Ukawa (DOMMUNE).

2/9(Tue)@LIQUIDROOM Ebisu

Featuring Bruce Bickford / Shintaro Sakamoto / smallBIGs(Keigo Oyamada+Yumiko Ono) / Syugo Tokumaru, and more

Curation: Naoyuki Ukawa (DOMMUNE)

Tiket: Adovance: ¥4,000(with tax / without 1drink Charge)  OPEN18:00/START19:00


11/28(Sat)~ PIA(P:281-576)、LAWSON(L:79634)、e Plus(pre: 11/17-23)、Ganban

more info: SMASH 03-3444-6751





2015.11.10 | zelone records

Special Site for ”Constellations Of Music” by Cornelius

It seems that Special site for ”Constellations Of Music” by Cornelius, incl. “In A Phantom Mood (Cornelius Mix) has be opened,

we will listen to here digest sound source

2015.8.12 | zelone records

Lyrics of Maaya Sakamoto’s new song “Kasukana Melody” by Shintaro Sakamoto

it seems that the lyrics of new song “Kasukana Melody” for Maaya Sakamoto’s New Album, has written by Shintaro Sakamoto

and “Tokyo Samui / Maaya Sakamoto Cornelius”, and  it will be available on 30 September.

2015.7.24 | zelone records

Artwork of NISENNENMONDAI new album “#N/A”

It seems that Shintaro Sakamoto has directed and designed the art work of new album NISENNENMONDAI, titled “#N/A”
and it will be available on 15 September from BEATINK.
(Produced by Adrian Sherwood〈On-U Sound〉/ Mastered by Rashad Becker 〈Dubplates & Mastering〉)
2015.7.23 | zelone records