“Love If Possible”, out on iTunes worldwide 20 January 2017.

It seems that Shintaro Sakamoto’s 3rd album “Love If Possible” will be available on iTunes worldwide 20 January 2017.

iTunes Store Worldwide /  iTunes Japan

Review: PITCHFORKSPINFLOOD Magazine / SpectrumCulture / Under The Radar / MAGNET Magazine

Interview: Browns Noise Unit (English日本語)

2017.1.22 | zelone records

New 12inch “A Night in Bangkok” by Shintaro Sakamoto×VIDEOTAPEMUSIC

It seems that Sakamoto’s new 12inch vinyl “A Night in Bangkok” with VIDEOTAPEMUSIC will be available in store December 10th by EM RECORDS,

and  it is one of 12inch tributed to long-awaited the latest feature film “Bangkok Nights” by Filmmaking collective, “Kuzoku”.

EM RECORDS: http://emrecords.shop-pro.jp/?pid=107479759
Movie “Bangkok Night” HP: http://www.bangkok-nites.asia
2016.12.9 | zelone records

Shintaro Sakamoto New 7inch & digital single “Disco Is”

It seems that new 7inch vinyl “Disco Is” will be available in those record shop on 19th November, and digital single on iTunes / OTOTOY / Recochoku.

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2016.11.19 | zelone records

Sakamoto will release the first single from the album, “Disco Is”, and he has created MV!

Japanese music composer, producer, songwriter Shintaro Sakamoto has announced his third solo full-length album, Love If Possible, will will be available in North America on iTunes (digital release) January 20.  In advance, tomorrow, Sakamoto will release the first single on 18th (US) and 19th (Japan) November, from the record, “Disco Is”, with a B-side version of the track by Synsuke Ono, which Sakamoto has created a music video for, and shared today – watch + share it here.  For the video, Sakamoto drew over 600 pencil images, animating them into a super DIY monochrome work.

Purchase “Disco Is” digitally via iTunes here.


2016.11.17 | zelone records

Kaoru Minato’s solo album

It seems that Shintaro Sakamoto participated in Kaoru Minato’s solo album “Ore de Iinokai”


2016.11.5 | zelone records