Teaser video for Shintaro Sakamoto’s new song “Boat”

2019.8.8 | zelone records

Desert Daze 2019


2019.8.7 | zelone records

Shintaro Sakamoto LIVE2019

Shintaro Sakamoto LIVE 2019

15 Nov(Fri)UNIVERSE(Osaka)
open: 19:00 / start: 20:00 / ticket: 4,500円 / DJ: Kenichi Yasuda, King Joe
more info: GREENS 06-6882-1224 (weekday 11:00~19:00)  www.greens-corp.co.jp
16 Nov(Sat)YEBISU YA PRO(Okayama)
open: 19:00 / start: 20:00 / ticket: 4,500円
more info: YEBISU YA PRO: 086-222-1015  Tue〜Thu(13:00〜19:00)http://yebisuyapro.jp
26 Nov(Tue)Showa Women’s University Hitomi Memorial Hall (Tokyo)
open: 18:00 / start: 19:00 / ticket: 5,000円(All seats specified)
more info: HOT STUFF PROMOTION 03-5720-9999 www.red-hot.ne.jp / zelone records   www.zelonerecords.com

06 Dec(Fri)Sakarazaka Central(Okinawa)

open: 18:30 / start: 19:00 / ticket: 4,500円

more info: Sakurazaka Central 098-861-8505  http://www.nahacentral.com


●Official Special Web Site (8/2 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 8/8 (Thu) 23:00 )
URL (PC・mobile)
General: 8月25日
2019.7.16 | zelone records

New 7” vinyl/digital single “Boat” b/w Cornelius cover “Dear Future Person”!

Shintaro Sakamoto’s new song “Boat” will be released on August 28 via 7” vinyl & digitally on zelone records.

The A-side “Boat” is his first newly written song in 3 years.
The B-side “Dear Future Person” is a Cornelius cover from his 2017 album “Mellow Waves” which Sakamoto wrote the lyrics to.
Both songs features Eddie Corman, the vocalist/guitarist from the band “Eddie Marcon” based in Himeji.
This conceptual pairing resonate with a common message and theme which enhances the imagination.
↓ zel-020 art work

↓Shintaro Sakamoto feat. Eddie Corman

28th Aug 2019 (Wed) release from zelone records!
Boat  / Shintaro Sakamoto feat. Eddie Corman
Side A: Boat
(Lyrics / Music: Shintaro Sakamoto)
Side B: Dear Future Person
(Lyrics: Shintaro Sakamoto / Music: Keigo Oyamada)
Vocals & Guitar: Shintaro Sakamoto
Bass: AYA
Drums: Yuta Suganuma
Vocals & Chorus: Eddie Corman (from Eddie Marcon)
Produced by Shintaro Sakamoto
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Soichiro Nakamura @ Peace Music
●cat no.  zel-020
7inch: ¥1,000+tax (7inch Vinyl)
Digital: iTunes, ototoy, Apple Music, Spotify, AWA etc.
Eddie Corman Official HP


2019.7.4 | zelone records

朝花節 REMIXED BY Shintaro Sakamoto

As the first release of Remix Project of “Amami Shima songs Collection” by  Chitose Hajime,

“Asabana-Bushi” remixed by Shintaro Sakamoto seems to have been digital released from today, June 26 today.

Special Web site: http://www.office-augusta.com/hajime/remix

2019.6.26 | zelone records