Sakamoto’s 3rd album “Love If Possible”, all details of album have been decided.

It seems that the title of Sakamoto’s 3rd album is  “Love If Possible” and all details and art work of album have been decided.
It seems that “Love If Possible” will be available in store July 27th (Japan) on CD/LP/CT/Digital/Hi-Res at same time.
↓zel-015s/015 CD
↓zel-016 LP (Vinyl)
↓zel-017 Cassette Tape
Love If Possible / Shintaro Sakamoto
1. Love If Possible
2. Tournament of Macho Men
3. Another Planet
4. Purging The Demons
5. Like an Animal
6. Feeling Immortal
7. Others
8. Foolish Situation
9. Disco Is
10. Presence
All Songs Written & Produced by Shintaro Sakamoto
Fromat: W-Pac CD (with Inst. version CD of this album)
zel-015s (first edition) / zel-015
Price: ¥2,600+tax
Distribution: Bridge Inc.
●LP (Vinyl): zel-016 (with mp3DL card )
Price: ¥2,600+tax
Distribution: JET SET
●CT (Cassette Tape):  zel-017
Price: 2,130円+税
2016.6.9 | zelone records