Shintaro Sakamoto×VIDEO TAPEMUSIC 12inch vinyl “Bangkok Night” from EM RECORDS

It seems that Sakamoto’s new 12inch vinyl “Bangkok night” with VIDEOTAPEMUSIC will be available in store December 10th by EM RECORDS,

and  it is one of 12inch tributed to long-awaited the latest feature film “Bangkok Nights” by Filmmaking collective, “Kuzoku”.

more info: EM RECORDS:

Shintaro Sakamoto x VIDEOTAPEMUSIC 『Bangkok Night』 4-track 12”

Side A: A Dream in Bangkok (feat. Fuko Nakamura)

Side B:

B1. A Night in Bangkok

2. Disco Bangkok

3. A Dream in Bangkok (Instrumental)


price: ¥1800 (without tax) / label: EM RECORDS

2016.9.23 | zelone records