You Ishihara’s “fomula” is available today on Bandcamp.

You Ishihara’s “fomula (Deluxe Edition)” is available today on Bandcamp.
This digital release is a “Deluxe Edition” which includes “version 1.0″ of the tracks which were not included in the physical releases (LP/CD).
The additional tracks “version 1.0″ and “version 1.0 reverse” are bustle sounds of the city with additional electronics but without the instruments and vocals.
This is the complete “formula”.

formula (Deluxe Edition)  / you ishihara
M-1:  formula
M-2: formula reverse
M-3:  formula version 1.0
M-4: formula reverse version 1.0
All songs written, concrete conducted and produced by You Ishihara
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Soichiro Nakamura at Peace Music, Tokyo 2019
you ishihara: vocal, guitar, synthesizer, keyboard, effects
michio kurihara: guitar
tomohiro kitada: bass
tatsuhisa yamamoto: drums
soichiro nakamura: keyborad
cover concept: you ishihara
art work: shintaro sakamoto
2020.6.25 | zelone records