Shintaro Sakamoto “Like A Fable” Vinyl LP (Japanese Edition)

LP “Like A Fable” will be available on 30 September.(in Japan only)

Like A Fable / Shintaro Sakamoto
01. That Was Illegal
02. You Still OK?
03. Like A Fable
04. You Have Time But I Don’t
05. Sad Errand
01. Star
02. Floating Weeds
03. Thickness of Love
04. One Day
05. The Whereabouts Of Romance

Written & Produced by Shintaro Sakamoto

Cat no.: zel-027
format: LP (1LP)  全10曲
Price: ¥3,000+tax (¥3,300 in tax)
Release Date: 30 September(Fri)
more info: zelone records
Distribution: JET SET
2022.8.2 | zelone records