zel-26 (4th album CD) / zel-027 (LP)

Like A Fable)/ Shintaro  Sakamoto


1. That Was Illegal

2. You Still OK?

3. Like A Fable

4. You Have Time But I Don’t

5. Sad Errand

6. Star

7. Floating Weeds

8. Thickness of Love

9. One Day

10. The Whereabouts Of Romance


Written & Produced by Shintaro Sakamoto

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Soichiro Nakamura @ Peace Music, Tokyo Japan 2022


Vocals, Bass (M-1,9), Keyboard (M-2,6,9), Acoustic, Electric & Lap Steel Guitar: Shintaro Sakamoto

Bass, Chorus & Electric Piano (M-8): AYA

Drums, & Percussion: Yuta Suganuma

Flute & Saxophone: Tetsu Nishiuchi (M-1,2,3,5,6,8,10)

Trombone: KEN KEN (Ken2d Special, Urban Volcano Sounds) (M-1,2)

Digital Link → https://linktr.ee/shintarosakamoto_official