Album "How To Live With A Phantom" Out in Europe, November 12

It seems that Shintaro Sakamoto’s recently released albums on Other will be available in record stores across Europe,

via Turnstile Music and Fat Possum Records.

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NEWシングル「まともがわからない」CD & 7inch vinyl、1/11発売決定!

It seems his new single “Don’t Know What’s Normal” will be available in stores Friday, January 11th 2013.
It seems the first edition of the CD will be a “W-Pac” CD with bonus OST music Sakamoto composed for the TV Tokyo show “Mahoro Ekimae Bagaichi”.
It seems the 7-inch vinyl version will also go on sale the same day.

photo by Chikashi Suzuki
Don’t Know What’s Normal / Shintaro Sakamoto
1. Don’t Know What’s Normal
2. From The Dead
3. World Without Sadness
Format: CD
Cat No.: zel-007s (first edition) /  zel-007
Release Date: 11 January 2013
Price: first edition ¥1,575 (in tax) – first edition only “W-Pac” CD – / ¥1,260 (in tax)
●7inch Vinyl ●
SIDE A: Don’t Know What’s Normal / SIDE B : From The Dead
Cat No.: zel-008
Release Date: 11 January 2013
Price: ¥1,050 (in tax)
Bridge Inc. 03-3710-8049 (CD)
Jet Set Record 03-5452-2262 (7inch vinyl)
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It seems that Sakamoto has written new music for the TV Tokyo show “Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi”, which will first air on January, 2013. It appears that Sakamoto wrote the ending theme song “Don’t Know What’s Normal”, along with other new music that will be heard during the show. It appears that this is the first time Sakamoto has written original music specifically for a TV show.

more info:
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It seems that Sakamoto drew the cover picture of Mr. Kenichi Yasuda’s book.  It seems it will be available in November 20.
・more info: PRESS POP:
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DUMP "NYC Tonight" 12inch再プレス完成!

it semms re-press of 12-inch vinyl “NYC Tonight” is ready. It seems this 12-inch will be available in August 24.
Jet Set Tokyo:
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In advance of the 9/5 release of Cornelius a.k.a. Keigo Oyamada’s remix collection “CM4”,it seems that the Cornelius remix of Shintaro Sakamoto’s “In a Phantom Mood” will be included in the 8/11 issue of Sound and Recording Magazine.
It seems that this is the first time anyone other than Sakamoto himself has remixed Sakamoto’s music.

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US盤アルバム・レヴュー (2012/10/24 up date)

It seems that reviews of Sakamoto’s “how to live  with a phantom” have appeared on the following sites.
It will be released from Other Music Recording Co. on July 17 in USA.
■Ad Hoc (10/24) – intervew –
■LA RECORD (9/19) – interview –
■Pitchfork (8/20)
■New York Times
■BOWLEGS  – interview –
■huffington post
■the stranger
■teoria pop
■free williamsburg
■nikk1 fm
more info : Othe Music Recordings Co. :
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Artist of the Week on MTVIGGY

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His 1st solo album “How To Live With A Phantom”comes out 7.17, on Other Music Recording Co.
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CROSSBEAT 2012年08月号


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