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Magazine, Web, Radio掲載情報

– Web Magazine-

・Album review for “Like A Fable” on  Queen City Sound And Art

・Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on Metropolis

Album review for “Like A Fable”@ mxdwn

・Album review for “Like A Fable” on  aquarium drunkard

・ Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on OTOTOY

・Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on web CINRA

・Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on web TOKION

・Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on  web Mikiki

・Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on web ele-king

– Magazine-

・ Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on ”Steppin’ Out” (2022 Summer) (6 July)

・ Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on ”anan” (No. 2,302) (8 June)

・Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on BRUTUS ” (No. 963) (1 June)

・Interview with Shintaro Sakamoto on MUSIC MAGAZINE (20 May)

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– “Like A Fable / Shintaro sakamoto” (Official Music Video)

Digital (DL/ST) Links:

2022.5.19 | zelone records


The title song  “Like A Fable”, from Shintaro Sakamoto’s new album (3 June), will be released on May 19 as lead digital single.
GL (except Japan):
2022.5.12 | zelone records

RSR 2022 in EZO


2022.4.28 | zelone records


Shintaro Sakamoto’s fourth solo album, Like A Fable, will be released on Friday, June 3rd.
Six years since his last album, Love If Possible, Shintaro Sakamoto has completed his fourth solo album, Like A Fable.
The album’s ten songs describe everyday life in a world undergoing dramatic changes in the midst of a pandemic. Sakamoto continually updates his sound, and with Like A Fable, he has made his best pop album yet.
Like his previous albums, Like A Fable was recorded with the longtime members of the Shintaro Sakamoto Band: Yuta Suganuma on drums, AYA on bass and backing vocals, and Toru Nishiuchi on saxophone and flute. KEN KEN (Ken2d Special, Urban Volcano Sounds) guested on trombone on two tracks.
Soichiro Nakamura engineered and mastered the album.

Like A Fable will be released digitally worldwide, and on CD in Japan, on Friday, June 3rd.
The 2-CD set will include a disc with instrumental versions of all the songs on the album.
Shintaro Sakamoto made the artwork.

Digital release on 3 June 2022
Like A Fable / Shintaro Sakamoto
1. That Was Illegal
2. You Still OK?
3. Like A Fable
4. You Have Time But I Don’t
5. Sad Errand
6. Star
7. Floating Weeds
8. Thickness of Love
9. One Day
10. The Whereabouts Of Romance
Written & Produced by Shintaro Sakamoto
● Cat No.: zel-026
●Digital (DL/ST) / 2CD (Japan only)
2022.4.7 | zelone records

Mai Mishio with Goodfellas's 7inch artwork by Shintaro Sakamoto

2022.4.5 | zelone records

元ちとせ「船を待つ」(作詞・作曲: 坂本慎太郎)

This is the first single from Chitose Hajime debut 20th anniversary album (released in July),

the song “Fune wo Matsu”, written and produced by Shintaro Sakamoto who also participated in the performance,

will be released for digital on April 13 (Wed.).

more info →

2022.3.30 | zelone records

PARCO PRIDE WEEK あいとあいまい (2022.4.15- 5.9)

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

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“FESTIVAL FRUEZINHO 2022” 26 June 2022 @ Tachikawa Stage Garden
more info →
▐ Line Up
Bruno Pernadas (from Portugal)
Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes (from L.A.)
Shintaro Sakamoto
2022.3.18 | zelone records
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